By now I’m sure some of you new people are starting to wonder if your hands are up to the CrossFit challenge. By all accounts gymnastics, weightlifting, and staying/getting fit in general is not easy on the hands. Here are some basic tips to keep those hands soft and delicate, and prevent ripping or tearing.

  • Wash your hands immediately before and following you workout. This cleans the hand of chalk and prevents them from drying out too much. It will also keep everyone from getting the same cold.
  • Use enough chalk to get a good grip on the bar, but not so much that your hands dry out excessively.
  • Buy a pumice stone and use it often.
  • Use lotion or balm.
  • I do not prefer or endorse gloves. They tend to make it even worse for me, but if you prefer them and think they help protect the hands, by all means use them. I do however promote taping the fingers or even the palm, but it has to be done properly.


15 minutes Hang Clean Practice (go to a 1RM if technique is sound). DEMO VIDEO

3 rounds for time of:
7 Hang Squat Cleans (135/95)
21 Burpees
35 Double-Unders

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