Everyone had a great time Friday night! CrossFit Wylie took 2nd out 21 total teams, and three of our teams completed the event Rx.

Don’t forget the Treasure the Chest Fundraiser is this Saturday at CrossFit Heath. 2 Person Teams. 1 WOD. All the money goes to the cause. $25/person. Wear pink! To register just sign up on the board.


12 min to establish 1RM Clean and Jerk


3 rounds – 3 minute AMPRAP, with 1 min of rest between rounds, of:
9 Front Squat 135/95#
11 Pullups


1) Snatch: 2X2 @ 70%, 2X1 @ 75%, 2X1 @ 85%, 2X1 @ 90%, 4X1 @ 75% – rest 60-90 seconds for the sets through 90%, rest 30 seconds between reps for the final set.
2a) 3X5 Snatch Hi-Pulls – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.
Notes: The finish of the movement should be at or near chest height. If this is not possible, lower the load.

2b) 3X5 Non-Heaving Drop Snatch – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.
Notes: Feet start in the receiving position. There should be no upward movement of the barbell. Drop, and press yourself down with the bar.

3) 12 Minutes Chest Facing Wall Handstand & Shoulder Touch Practice.
Notes: The goal is to get into and maintain the handstand with exclusively the nose and feet in contact with the wall. If you can get into and maintain the handstand within these parameters begin to try to some shoulder touches. Do not let your hands or nose drift away from the wall while performing shoulder touches. It is imperative that a hollow body position be maintained for this drill. Obviously, do not allow the desire to keep your nose on the wall end in injury—it’s not that serious.


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