Going to order me some more Original Nutritionals – O3. When asked which supplements people should take, I’m of the opinion that a quality Omega 3 should be first on that list. We can eat well enough to not need additional protein, but it is nearly impossible to get enough omega 3’s. Original Nutritionals 03 is only $23 a bottle and one of the purest fish oils on the market. Let me know if you want some…


Get bars out as soon as you arrive so we can move through everything quickly…

15 min of Hi-Hang Snatch (w/ hips) Practice DEMO


3 rounds for time of:

50′ Burpee Broad Jump
20 KBS 32/24kg
10 Pullups

I’m changing the name of this to advanced for one reason, not everything I post here will be from Outlaw. We will be following a different squat cycle this time and I will be modifying some things…

1) Snatch: 3X1@80%, 1X1@85%, 1X1@90%, 1X1@95%, 3X1@90%, 2X1@85% – rest 30-60 seconds.

2) Clean & Jerk: 3X1@75%, 1X1@80%, 1X1@ 85%, 1X1@90%, 3X1@85%, 2X1@80% – rest 30-60 seconds.


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