It’s been an amazing year for CrossFit Wylie. I can’t thank everyone enough for making CrossFit Wylie such a great place to be every day. A gym owner and the trainers can bring their knowledge, experience, and character to a gym. But the real feel of a gym, the atmosphere, that little something that makes people want to come back is founded completely in the members. It’s each one of you that makes CFW what it is, and I’m just lucky to be a part of it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Laura and I are out of town until the 2nd. Chase and Jeff should take good care of you guys!

Monday: 9:00AM Class Only


“12 Days of Christmas”

For Time:
1 Clean & Jerk @ 185/120#
2 Muscle-Ups
3 Box Jumps 24/20″
4 Hang Squat Snatch @ 95/65#
5 Bar Facing Burpees
6 Push Press @ 95/65#
7 T2B
8 Jumping Squats
9 KBS 24/16kg
10 C2B Pullups
12 Front Squats @ 185/120# (no racks)

NOTES: Scale each movement as needed. Clean & Jerk is any style. Preferred scaling for MUs is Jumping MU. HSPU Standard is with 25# plates on the outside of a Abmat.

This workout is done just like the song…
Round 1: 1 C&J
Round 2: 2 MU, 1 C&J
Round 3: 3 BJ, 2 MU, 1 C&J
Round 4: 4 HS, 3 BJ, 2 MU, 1 C&J
And so on until Round 12 is Complete.

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