Monday’s workout will be at 6:30PM. Again if different times are requested, I will add them to the schedule.  This workout will be located at Wylie Community Park, the specific parking lot is marked on the map I linked. If you plan on attending please make sure you have filled out this form.


5X2 1 Hang Snatch (full squat) + 1 OHS + 1 Snatch Balance + 1 OHS
@ 65% of 1RM, or heaviest possible
Notes: One set is the sequence (complex) listed above performed twice through.

For time:
Run 200m
21 Burpees
21 Situps
Run 200m
15 Burpees
15 Situps
Run 200m
9 Burpees
9 Situps

Cooldown/April’s Challenge:
25 Flutter Kicks

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