8:30 Open Gym / Competition Training
9:30 WOD


Extra 1) 15 min to work up to heavy Snatch – no more than 3 misses

Extra 2) 10 min to work up to heavy Clean & Jerk – no more than 3 misses

In teams of 6:
10 minutes max calorie row, switching every 20 strokes

Rest 1 minute, then 3 Round AMRAP

Rotate stations every minute:
Ball Slams (20/12 lb)
KB SDHP (53/35, heavier if easy)
AbMat Sit-ups
Jumping Lunges

Combine total reps from each station and calories from row to get one total number for the team.

Competition Training

1&2) Light High Hang Snatch then High Hang C&J. 10 min each.

Stay light, work on speed and positioning. Hold receiving position for 3 sec +

3) “Helen”
You know it…

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