For Time, in teams of two:
700M Farmers/Overhead Carry *
60 Air Squats Each | R+ 20 Alt Pistols **
200M Relay Sprint

*One partner Farmers Carry (53/35), other partner Overhead Carry (45/35 plate), trade off as often as you want. Every time you switch, both do 6 burpees.
**Both partners must complete the 60 squats or 20 pistols, one working at a time.


Snatch: Find 1 rm max for the day
-every 90 sec.

Clean & Jerk: Find 1 rm max for the day
-every 2 min.

6 sets
-1 Strict Hollow CTB
-2 kipping Pullups
-1 Strict Hollow CTB
-2 kipping CTB pullups

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