Hell Yes

Some weekend assignments…

1) Read You Have to Workout to Get a Workout (NSFW) This article falls closely in line with my argument that “If you can do it drunk, it’s not a workout… (cough-Zumba-cough).” Plus, I really like it when someone goes on a good rant that makes sense.

2) Read The Importance of Weightlifting for the “Sport of Fitness” This is the first part of Outlaw’s argument that you can’t really maximize your results in CrossFit (and most sports) without learning how to properly apply large amounts of force. A skill that is inherent to weightlifting (Snatch and Clean&Jerk).

3) Tell a friend about CrossFit Wylie!

4) Do something active. Go mountain biking, or hiking, or jogging, or play a sport. We aren’t “working out”, we are athletes in training. What you are training for is for you to decide. Go be an athlete. Me? Oh I’ll just be weightlifting with a handful of National Champions, National Record Holders, and Elite CrossFit Athletes for about 20 of the next 48 hours. I hope I can walk Monday.


There is a 5K/10K coming up at Wylie Stadium next weekend. Laura and I will probably participate. Click for info.

The GetRXd competition on Feb 23 already has 18 teams entered. It will probably get capped at some point. Start figuring out who is going to be on your team and get signed up.
Laura, Stephen, Charlie, and Myself are making up “CrossFit Wylie 1”. In it to win it…

We have a bunch of these coming. Who loves dips?


Open Gym 8:30AM
Team WOD 9:30AM

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