Banded Stretches (Upper/Lower)
Banded Warm-up (Passthroughs, pull-aparts, etc)
Dynamic Stretch

Skill Work
10 Minute to work on Headstand Hold/Leg Lifts or Rope Climb technique.

Bench Press: 4 Sets of 6

Then (after all sets of BP), 3 Sets of:
15 DB Reverse Flies
15 DB Skull Crushers
12 Banded Chin-up

3 Rounds of Tabata (20sec On/10sec Off) – 6 Minutes:
Pike Leg Lift Over
Side Plank Taps (L)
Mid Push-up Iso-Hold
Side Plank Taps (R)

Pike Leg Lift Over: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbefuM-AlhE

Push-up Iso-Hold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pupwibLXtO8

1 Minute of each of the following movements/stretches (8 Minutes Total):
(1) Armbar Stretch (30sec per side)
(2) Thread the Needle (30sec per side)
(3) Downward Dog + Cobra Transitions
(4) Child’s Pose (arms reaching Left/Right)*
(5) Pigeon Stretch*
(6) Corpse Pose/Savasana

*1 Minute per side

(6) https://bit.ly/31IxVXw

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