2017 Open Shirts

We have two designs this year for our 2017 OPEN shirts! We are doing a pre-order only this year, and will only have a couple extras when they come in. Choose between the two designs or get one of each! You can only pre-order through the Self Checkout Kiosk (iPad on desk). Pre-sale ends next Wednesday!


Forearm Smash – 2 min e/side
Quad Smash – 2 min
Ankle Mob – 2 min e/side

EMOM for 8 min:
E – 6 Wide Grip Pullups
O – 4 Close Grip Chin-ups
Scale as needed, banded or seated.

In teams of 3, Max Cal on Air Bike in 35 minutes.
Every time you get off the bike, complete 35 doubleunders before your next set. Recommend short 2-3 minute sprints.

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