Dynamic Warm-up, then…

10 Minutes to work on technique for Tripod Headstands/Leg Lifts

3 Sets
20 Pike Leg Lift Over (L+R=2)
3e/arm Turkish Get-up
4 Feet Elevated Laying to Standing Rope Climb | 3 Rope Climbs

(3) https://youtu.be/DZJmm1gH16s?t=21

For Time:
500m Row
Rest 1 Minute
500m Row
Rest 1 Minute
250m Row
Rest 30 Seconds
250m Row

1 Minute of each of the following movements/stretches (10 Minutes Total):
(1) Armbar Stretch*
(2) Thread the Needle*
(3) Child’s Pose (arms reaching Left/Right)*
(4) Downward Dog + Cobra Transitions
(5) Pigeon Stretch*
(6) Frog Stretch

*1 Minute per side

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