5 Sets EMOM:
E- 8 Ring Rows + 8 V-ups
O- 10 Diamond Pushups (hands make diamond shape on ground)

Rowling Challenge
In groups of 2 (or 3 if needed) play 10 frames of Rowling, with 250 Meter frames.

Rowling is a game that uses a similar format to bowling. Here’s video example.

Each athlete will row 10 “frames”. The goal for each frame is to stop the meter counter as close to a designated distance as possible.

For example, if the designated number is 100m; if at the end of the “frame” the counter reads 102m, the score for that frame is 2. The score would be the same if the counter read 98m. If the counter stops on 100m, the score for the frame is 0 and would thus be equivalent to a strike in bowling. The goal is to have the lowest score for each round and the lowest accumulated score for the game.

– Once you stop rowing put the handle back in the catch, must be stored before the meter counter comes to a complete stop.

– In the 10th “frame”, if a strike is rowed, you get to row again, using the 11th row to replace your highest score in any previous round. If you row another strike, you get a 3rd row to replace the next worst score. So you have the opportunity to row up to three times in the 10th frame.

– The winner of the “game” is the person with the lowest total score. The winner of the “game” may choose a bodyweight exercise for everybody to complete. The losers must complete their scores in reps.

Most importantly, have fun!!!
Today’s designated distance for each frame is 250M! Enjoy!

Record your Rowling score into Wodify and remember that today’s Rowling Champion will be at the end of the leader board, not the beginning!

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