groupMurph16Memorial Day 2017

As we have in the past, we will complete MURPH on Memorial Day. If you want to support the Foundation and receive your shirt before Memorial Day, the deadline to register is Friday. Registration is not required to participate, but it is appreciated. Check out CrossFit Wylie’s Murph page for all of the details!


2 min Box Shoulder Stretch
2 min Couch Stretch
2 min Calf Smash
2 min Calf Stretch

3-5 Minutes of Double Under Technique
3-5 Minutes to Accumulate 40 Perfect Air Squats
3-5 Minutes of Hollow/Arch Tech for PU, T2B, or MU

AMRAP in 9 minutes, in 30ft increments (60ft is down + back):
60ft Walking Prisoner Lunge
60ft Bear Crawl
60ft Side Shuffle
60ft Burpee Broad Jump

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