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CrossFit Wylie Club Championships
– The Results are Final! Congrats to everyone, we hope you enjoyed it!
– All Club Championship entries came with CFW Bottle, make sure you get yours if you haven’t! We will sell the extras.

SFH Rep Coming Monday
Laurie, from SFH will be at CrossFit Wylie at every class Monday Nov 23rd! She will have samples and be able to answer any questions you might have about SFH products. As you should know, we offer the full line of SFH products.

Whole Life Challenge Participants
Be sure to enter your retest results and finalize everything. We will retest Becky on Friday.


Pre-Test Overhead Squat ROM (if easy try close grip)
– 1 min of jerk grip Overhead stretch in rack
– 1 min e/arm tricep mash w/ barbell on rack
– 1 min each side- side and lats foam roll
– 10 perfect dead bugs DEMO
– 10 slow, perfect goblet squats w/ 3 sec hold at bottom
Re-Test Overhead Squat ROM (if easy try close grip)

For Time:
Double Unders
Abmat Sit-ups

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