LXB Smash: Pecs, Lats, Traps, Rotator Cuff

Dynamic Warm-up, into 2 sets of:
40sec Row (easy) + 20sec Row (sprint)
5 Blackburn Stretch
10 DB Cuban Press
10 Alternating Push-up Pike Toe Touch

3-4 Sets
6 Bench Press (21X0)
10-15 Dips*
10e/arm Single Arm DB Row (20X1)

*scale with band or bench dips

EMOM x 12 Minutes (4 Rounds) – Record the round with lowest rep:

  1. Calorie Row
  2. DBall Bearhug Hold (80/50)*
  3. Double Under
  4. Wallball (20/14)

*record seconds held as reps

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