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Mobility WOD

8:30AM & 6:00PM

Dr. Laura will be focusing on Hip Mobility. This affects any and all weightlifting positions, squatting, running, jumping, almost everything we do, etc.

If you have any problems (strength or range of motion) in the squat, go to this one.


1) Five sets for quality:
Clean Pulls x3
(100+% of 1RM Clean, should feel heavy off the floor with explosive extension & pull at the top)
Rest 90 seconds
Ring Rows x 8-10 @ 2111 tempo
(Get as horizontal as possible, pay attention to tempo, and keep your butt and gut tight)
Rest 90 seconds

2) Five rounds for time of:
5 Power Clean
10 Pull-Ups
Use 75-80% of your 1RM Power Clean. C2B pullups for bigger challenge. 


Recovery/Make-Up Day

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