“Freeskiing and CrossFit are also sort of the same in that aspect: it’s a very tight community. It’s very important that you work out with your friends, but you go freeskiing usually with your friends, and that’s the most important thing in both sports: a good group of people who push each other.” (Click Here for the Full Article)

A.J. Kemppainen, Olympic freeskier and CrossFit athlete

Be sure to note any changes to your workouts; scaled weight, lower box, added pullup assistance, short squats, wormed pushups, etc. Your results don’t mean anything if we don’t know what you did during the workout. 

Mobility WOD

Focus will be ankle mobility and overhead joint mobility.
These affect the ability to maintain a vertical torso in the squat and all overhead movements.


A) Mid Hang Snatch 3-3-3-2-2-1-1
Start at 60% and build 5-10% each set.

B) 3 Rounds for Times:
400m Run (80/95/100%)
Rest 2 Minute Walking Rest
Try to increase pace each run

C) 4 minute AMRAP:
Burpees to a 6″ Target


Recovery and/or Make-up Day
If you’re behind, catch up. If you aren’t get your mobility on and fix the sore stuff.

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