Five rounds for reps:
Max Unbroken body weight bench press
Max Unbroken Pull-ups

Rest at least 2 minutes between sets. Record total number of reps and load used. Rx is bodyweight bench and unassisted pullups (kipping aloud).

Make sure everyone has a chance to get their sets in. When it’s your turn, don’t mess around, load the bar and go. 

Scaling: If you can bench your body-weight, even for 1 rep, use your body-weight. If not, use as much as possible for 1-5 reps. If you get over 5 reps, add weight for the next round until you can’t. If you don’t have unassisted pullups, use your regular amount of assistance for every round and complete as many as possible. As always, assisted pullups should be performed strict (no kipping). 

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