Announcing the 1st Annual CrossFit Wylie Club Championship, Aug. 30 – Sep. 13

Similar to a club championship at a golf course, this in house competition will be for members only.

Individual divisions/flights: Open, Masters (Age 40+), and Scaled. It will be organized like The Open, we will compete every Friday night for three weeks (Aug 30, Sep 6, Sep 13). 

The events will NOT be announced ahead of time, and everyone will be judged. Everyone takes pride in posting good workout results. It’s time to put up or shut up.

Cost will be $10 per person. Registration instructions will be announced soon.

Bar Path

The balance point of the lifter is just forward of the heal. In order to stay balanced and create as much vertical power as possible, the bar must stay over the balance point (or as close as possible). This means the bar must stay as close to the body as possible. When the lifter reaches the power position (image 4), the bar should be in contact with the hips/upper thigh.

One common problem that we see when referring to the bar path and balance, is Frankenstein arms. Instead of actively pulling the bar into the body, the lifter allows the arms and weight to swing out, away from the body, pulling the bar and lifter forward, off balance, and ultimately bypassing the power position altogether. Keep your friends close, and the bar closer.

For more on this, read Donny Shankle’s latest article on Frankenstien Arms.


1A) Turkish Get-Ups 4X3 each arm
Rest 90 seconds
1B) L-Hang Tuck to Extension 4X7
Extend the legs for 2-5 seconds, pull them in for 2-5 seconds and repeat
Rest 90 seconds

2) EMOM for 10 minutes:
10 Alternating Reverse Lunges
10 Sit-Ups
If you are still working when the next minute begins, complete the current round and skip the round you spilled into. Add dumbbells if easy. Record total number of Rounds completed. 

3) Lower Leg Mobility (Ankle, Calf, Shin, Knee) – 10 minutes

Competition Training

Make-up Day or Active Recovery Day
“There is no such thing as over-training, only under-recovering.”

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