Hydrostatic Body Testing

Body Analytics will be at the gym Tuesday, Aug 19, from 4PM-8PM to perform Hydrostatic testing on anyone interested. They will return Nov 10th 4PM-8PM for a retest.

There will be a sign up sheet at the gym where you register for a specific time. You will immediately get your 4 page printout that will include: Lean Body Mass (Muscle, Bones, Organs, Tissue) Statistics, Body Fat Percentage, Resting Metabolic Rate (Calories used at rest daily), and Target goals.

Cost will be $45 for a single test, or $80 for Test and Re-test, payable on the day of testing.

While our goal is to develop fitness and it is well known that body-fat or weight is not the only factor in determining ones health or fitness, a test such as this can be a great tool in determining where you are and what you need to work on. Also, with the retest, we get to see a snapshot of your progression during the set time period.

This would also be a great opportunity to work on your nutrition. We will be unrolling our next paleo challenge soon. It’s very early in the planning process so be patient and we will put some details out soon.


Please be careful with the type of food you bring with your kids. Anything that leaves crumbs leaves stuff on the floor and attracts ants, and they are hard to get rid of!

Also, if you turn the fan on for your kids, please turn it off when you leave. THANKS!


Four or Five rounds NOT for time:
3 Turkish Getups (each arm)
1 Max Handstand Walk
6 Pistols
10 Triple Unders

As always, use the proper progressions on each movement. 
-Wall Walk, Handstand Hold on wall, Hold without Wall, Spotted Handstand Walk, etc.
-Squat, Single leg step up, Single leg squat on box, roll-to-pistol, etc.
-Single Under, High Single, Doubles, etc.

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