1) Power Clean + Front Squat w/ Pause in Receiving Position 6X2
3 second pause in the receiving position (without standing up), then complete a front squat. NOT touch and go. DEMO VIDEO

2) 10 Min AMRAP:
10 Hand-Release Push-Ups
20 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)
30 Double Unders

Mobility) Foam Roll, Mob Ball sore tissues, 6 min
If you have a sore joint (knee, elbow, wrist, ankle, etc.) I suggest you try the Voodoo floss. Ask a coach for more info.

Competition Training

Make-Up Day / Recovery Day
20 minutes of mobility
Tall Cleans, Tall Snatches, Jerk Balance, Snatch Balance w/ barbell
20 minutes of light rowing

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