Whole Life Challenge

Going to provide a few more details each day. (All of this is on their website)
The challenge is 56 days. It focuses on 7 key daily habits, not just diet:

  • Eat by the WLC rules you choose at the level that is right for you. Make conscious choices that support a healthy lifestyle. Earn up to 5 points daily for nutrition.
  • Exercise 3-5 days each week. The other days you’ll earn your points by being active. Ride your bike, surf, hike, even take an invigorating walk at sunset. This is your time to move daily. You earn 2 points for exercise.
  • Stretch for at least 10 minutes each day. You earn 2 points for stretching and mobilizing.
  • Water One third of your body weight in oz. of water each day (20 ml per kg). You earn 1 point for water.
  • Supplement with a dietary supplement that would make a difference for your body if you took it every day. You earn one point for your supplement.
  • Live the WLC weekly lifestyle practice – things like sleep, meditate, & supporting others. You earn 1 point each day you complete the weekly lifestyle task.
  • Reflect at the end of each day and check in with how it went and how you’re doing. No amount of numbers can paint the whole picture. Your daily reflection helps you see how the challenge is really going. You earn 1 point daily for your reflection.


The Pandemonium Project – Sept 12thIMG_0212.PNG

Sign-up sheet at the gym, deadline is Sept 6th, no exceptions.

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4 Rounds not for time:
3-5 Skin-the-Cat
10-15 GHD Situps
1 minute of Handstand Work (Athletes Choice)

4 Rounds for times of:
500 Meter Row
Rest 3 minutes

Record each round. Get a partner and alternate Rows, you should be able to rest exactly 3 minutes. 

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