VIDEO: 123lb Weightlifter Clean & Jerks 374lb. More than 3x bodyweight…

No Mobility Class – It’s the Doc’s Birthday!
She posted some extra mobility work in the FB Group and it’s on a small whiteboard at the gym. Ask a coach for assistance if needed.


Couch Stretch – 2 min each side
Pec Smash w/ Bar – 2 min each side
Foam Roll Quads – 2 min
Thoracic Spine Mob w/ Dbl Ball – 2 min

5 Rounds for Time:
300M Run
3 Wall Walks
12 Renegade Rows (without the pushup | 35+/20+ | 6L/6R)
16 Russian Twists (20/12 medball | 8L/8R)


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