A few of us will be hitting up BoomerJacks after Friday night’s workouts. Everyone’s welcome to join, but you have to have PR’d on something (anything) this week!


Everyone did great today. Remember, from a joint health standpoint, solid technique on a bunch of air squats is every bit as important as good technique on a max lift. Fight for good positions! Your joints will thank you.

1) Quick Dynamic Warmup then… 3 Rounds – NOT for Time
1 Wall Walk (Nose to the Wall Hold for 15-30 sec)
10 GHD Situps (Scale with 15 Abmat situps if needed)
8 Negative Pullups (Start w/ chin over bar, descend as slow as possible)
10 minute cap

2) In teams of 2, complete four rounds for time:
800M Relay Run (2X200M each)
400M Team Farmers Carry (54/35 DB or KB)

30 Minute Time Cap – If you DNF, enter “30:00” and note Rounds + in the comments. Each 800M run will be broken up into a 200M segment relay. Farmers carry can be broken up anyway the team wants (walk as far as you can then switch). PLEASE do not drop the DB or KB on the concrete – 25 Burpee penalty. Setting them down gently is fine…

Mobility) Roll the forearms and quads w/ a barbell – 6 min total.

Competition Training

Do the Group WOD and 15-20 minutes of mobility.

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