Sugar Kills More People than Crack (and Rhabdo)

About 10 years ago I became very aware that sugar will kill you (or at least assist in expediting the process), so I started cutting back my sugar intake to what was then thought to be healthy amounts. Within the past 3-4 years, more and more evidence has become readily available via the interwebs, and those in-the-know that care about living, have cut back there sugar and carbohydrate intake even more. We NEVER drink soda and we keep sugary treats to the bare minimum (less than once per month). It was my impression that everyone knew sugar was deadly. I have been looking at people that drink soda like junkies. They know it’s bad for them, they just can’t quit. Then it hit me that maybe not everyone knows that they are trying to off themselves via sugar overload. Hence this post… here are some basic details regarding sugar (and carbs in general).

Depending on your diet, evidence shows that cutting your carb intake to fewer than 150 grams per day is vital for proper nutrition and sustained bodyfat levels. If you’re trying to lose weight, guess what, cut all the carbs! (Marks Daily Apple)

So carbs cause fat gain, diabetes, and a crap ton of other things worse than a larger waste size. What is the number one source of carbs in the average American’s diet? You guessed it… that tasty liquid elixir known as soda. The volume of sugar in soda is higher than almost everything else we consume, and we consume it more than anything else. If you’re drinking 2 or more soda’s a day you should probably cut it back to one and just eat an entire cake. Then you can have a meal and a drink. (Source)

Other than getting a little fatter, what’s so bad about it? The list is long (NSFW). Literally, the FDA has compared it to coke. The powdery kind. They also said that sugar would likely be a banded drug if it was being introduced in today’s timed.

So now that everyone agrees that drinking soda is the modern day version of russian roulette, let’s drink diet soda and we’ll be safe, right? Wrong. The alternative sweeteners are even worse than the stuff they are replacing (NSFW).

So what do you drink? …………Water. Lot’s of it.

Lift heavy.
Eat cows, birds, fish, etc.
Lift more weights.
Eat vegetables.
Do some pushups.
Eat nuts.
Do some situps.
Eats seeds.
Lift some more weights faster.
Eat a small amount of fruit.
Run, bike, swim.
and Drink……………………………………………………………………… WATER.
Yes water even has calcium in it. If you are shocked by that read here.


Extra) EMOM for 10 min:
Even Minutes: 12 GHD Situps
Odd Minutes: 10 GHD Back Extensions

Warmup: 10 minutes of snatch technique work, working up to metcon weight.

Lurong Challenge WOD 13.5

For Time, 15 Min Cap:
10 Power Snatches at (115/80)
20 Pull Ups
30 Box Jumps at (24/20)
40 Kettle Bell Swings at (53/35)
30 Box Jumps at (24/20)
20 Pull Ups
10 Power Snatches at (115/80)

Competition Training

Rest Day


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