Flu Season is upon us. Be sure to wipe down ALL of your equipment and wash your hands frequently. We have hand sanitizer on the counter and the desk, use it!

Just a heads up, we will be ordering some Hoodies. They will be pre-order only, we will not be ordering many extra. More details coming soon.


1) Snatch from the Hips 5X3

2) For time: 1000M Row 50 Wallballs (20/12) 800M Run

Competition Training

Recovery Day


Meet Prep – Final Day

Warmup: Back Half Drill w/ PVC or Bar – Hang Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch

1) 3 Pause Snatch Pull (shin, knees, hips) + Snatch from Hips Build up to 70 % of Max

2) 3 Pause Clean Pull (shin, knees, hips) + Clean from Hips + Jerk Build up to 70 % of Max

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