If you are competing Friday in the Terror at the Tower, you should have registered two weeks ago. Seriously, go register and make sure your teammates are signed up.

A little corny, but absolutely true.


1) Push Press – 1RM

2) Push Jerk – 1RM

You have 15 minutes to establish a 1RM for both lifts. Start with the Push Press, once you have hit your max, drop the weight 20-50 lbs and build back up with a Push Jerk. Focus on maintaining a stable mid-line and neutral spine. 

3) Three rounds for time, 15 min cap:
10 Man Makers
15 Toes to Bar
20 Double Unders

Man Maker: DBs to the ground, kick back, push-up, row left, row right, jump feet in, power clean, push press

Mobility) Your Choice 5 Min – This should be some directed work, more than just foam rolling. Find something you haven’t done before or ask a coach for suggestions.

Competition Training

If you feel anything like I do, you should really work on some recovery Thursday. THIS is what a recovery day should look like.

Personally, I’m going to, at minimum, get my personal Physical Therapist to work on the worst areas, row some light intervals to get the blood flowing, do about 30 combined minutes of mobility throughout the day, then strap myself into the Marc Pro for as long as I can stand it (I actually have the Marc Pro hooked up as I type this). Do your own thing but remember, your adaptation to stimuli is only as good as your recovery from the stimulated effort (that’s exercise nerd talk).

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