Good Read: For God’s Sake, Don’t Listen to Rich Froning

The Weightlifting Meet has sold out. We have five full groups. Unbelievable. There is a waiting list. If you registered and can NOT make it for any reason please let us know ASAP!


1) Back Squat 1RM
* Set 1 – 5@50% of possible 1RM
* Set 2 –3@ 75% of possible 1RM
* Set 3 – 1@85% of possible 1RM
* Set 4 – 1@90-95% of possible 1RM
* Set 5 – Test 1RM
* Set 6 – Test 1RM (if needed)

2) In teams of three, row as many meters as possible in 12 minutes:

Set the Concept 2 erg for 500 meter intervals with 20 seconds of rest between intervals, and switch partners every 500 meters.


ACO Competitors:

1) Bring all ruck gear (bricks, bag, hydration bladder, etc) to the gym. Spend some time preparing everything. Then…

2) 800M Run w/ Ruck – 400M@60-70%, 400M@80-90%
If needed make gear adjustments and complete another 400M. Make sure everything is as comfortable as possible at all speeds.

3) Spend 30-45 minutes working on mobility and skills. This doesn’t mean hang out and BS about how hard it’s going to be for 30 minutes. Make a list and work on what you need to work on, make some improvements. If there is anything on this list you haven’t done before, do a few reps…

Non-ACO Competitors:

Rest/Make-Up Day

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