Hoodie Info: They will be in the charcoal color like the image we posted yesterday. They will be $35 each. Sizes available from XS to 2XL. A sign up sheet to order is at the gym next to the “kiosk”. You can pay cash, check or I can charge your online account for you to process a credit card payment. Either way I’m going to order on Monday and you’re payment must be processed by Sunday night to guarantee your hoodie. I will get a few extra, but not many.

There is a new “Goals” Board next to the door. Write down your goals. Can be long term or short term. Just write something down, that way every time you walk through the front office you have to see what you are working for…


Test Squat and Hip Flexion ROM (range of motion).
-10 min of Hip Capsule and Hamstring Mobility w/ Distraction
Re-Test Squat and Hip Flexion ROM

10 min of Handstand Progression Work
-Wall Walk DEMO
-Shoulder Touches DEMO
-Handstand Walk

9 min AMRAP of:
20 Double Unders
10 Shoulder Touches
10 Burpee Pullups


10 min of Shoulder Mobility
Alternate through CrossFit Crucifixion, Mobility Ball in Shoulder (front and back), Band Stretches, and Peanut Overhead Stretch.

1a) 5XME Strict False Grip Ring-to-Chest Pullups – rest 60 sec
2b) 5XME Strict Tempo Ring Dips – rest 60 sec
NOTES: Tempo Ring Dip – Take a 3 sec count to go from top to bottom, then explode back to the top.


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