Bench Press Anyone?

Daily Challenge for January: 50 Double Unders
Attempts count, if you are still struggling with them.


HBBS: 1X4@70%, 1X4@75%, 1X4@80%, 1X4@85%
Base percentages off High Bar 1RM, Do NOT go heavier. This is a “Karen”/Christmas/New Years recovery effort.


2 minutes ME Double-Unders
-rest 1 minute
8 minute AMRAP of:
10 Power Clean & Push Jerks 135/95#
20 HR Pushups
30 Ab-Mat Situps
-rest 1 minute
2 minutes ME Double-Unders
NOTES: You’re score will be two parts (# of DU / # of Reps)


15 min to work up to a heavy Snatch Balance

15 min to work up to a heavy Split Jerk, from Behind the Neck (Use Blocks)


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