Congrats to member Alex Jones on taking home the Bronze at the 2014 Master Weightlifting National Championships! More importantly, he set three competition PRs and continues to improve in every meet, great work!

One of the coolest parts of the weekend was seeing the legendary LSUS training hall. This training hall has been home to a few of the best USA Weightlifters in recent history.
The second best part of the weekend was the fact that one of those lifters, Jared Fleming was hanging out, helping change weights. There’s a good chance Alex just had one of the (soon to be) greatest American weightlifters in history, change his weights out for him. Maybe I’m a nerd but I thought it was cool.

Speaking of Jared Fleming, here’s a tip from the man himself on the hookgrip. It doesn’t only improve your grip on the bar, it may fix your technique…


Handstand Skill Work
10 minutes of coach instruction, wall transition practice, or negatives

For Time (20 minute cap):
400m Run
20 Handstand Push-ups
20 Pull-ups
20 Deadlifts
400m Run
10 Handstand Push-ups
10 Pull-ups
10 Deadlifts
400m Run
5 Handstand Push-ups
5 Pull-ups
5 Deadlifts

Scale HSPU with light-medium dumbbell press. Deadlift weight is up to athlete, but must maintain PERFECT technique on all reps, Maximum 60% of 1RM.

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