Clean + Hang Clean + Jerk: Find Max for Complex in 15 minutes

4 Cycles for Time of (24 minute cap):
1 Cycle is 3 Rounds of;
5 Toes to Bar
6 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
5 Pullups | R+ C2B
Rest 90 seconds after every cycle (after every 3rd round).

Only choose R+ if you feel you can go unbroken on C2B for entire effort. This one is all about intensity. 


Deadlift from 3in riser w/ pause at riser height x 2 sec: 8×2 @ 85%

After Conditioning:
5 sets – 3 wall walks + 30 sec. chin and toes to wall hold

Accumulate 40 slow empty bar RDL – keep back and lats engaged

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