2 Sets
10 Alternating Tripod w/ Reach
10e/side Side Plank Thread the Needle
10e/arm Half Kneeling KB Waiter Press
15sec Chin-up Hold (at top)

(3) https://youtu.be/CGmXT5SfgJI

Re-test/Max out week: Push Press & Push Jerk

Test your RM for your push press first, aim to establish a max for your push jerk.

Build up to a perfect 1RM OR 3RM, for both movements.

4 Rounds for Time (16 Minute Time Cap):
30 Double Under
15 KBS (53/35)
20′ Single Arm KB OH Walking Lunge (L)
20′ Single Arm KB OH Walking Lunge (R)
Rest 1 Minute

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