Banded Upperbody Stretch + Dynamic Warm-up

2 sets:
5 Dolphin Stretch
12 Alt Tripod w/ Overhead Reach
10e/side DB Side Plank Powell Raises (5-12#)
3 Tempo Chin-ups (20X1)

Push Press: 4 Sets of 5 (slightly heavier than last week)

rest 90-120sec between sets

**Hold 3sec Overhead on every rep

Progression Note – Weeks 1-6 will see a decrease in reps each week. This should correlate with weight increases on your top 2 sets every week. Make only the final 2 sets super tough and aim for an RPE of 8-9/10 on those last two sets each week. Don’t sacrifice your 3sec hold overhead.

AMRAP in 7 Minutes:
6 Single Arm DB Push Press (53/35) | (70/50) – Left
6 Single Arm DB Push Press – Right
10 Pull-up | C2B
100m Run

Rest 2 Minutes

AMRAP in 7 Minutes:
10 Alternating Single Arm DB Devil’s Press
8 T2B | 2 Bar Muscle Up
100m Run

Total possible rep per round:
Round 1: 23 reps (Rx/Rx+)
Round 2: 19 reps (Rx) / 13 reps (Rx+)

100m Run = 1 rep

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