Back Squat 5×5@75%

3 Rounds for total time or 30 min to go as far as possible:
Run 200M
Rest 1:1
Run 400M
Rest 1:1
Run 600M
Rest 1:1

Keep track of how long it takes to do each run and rest exactly that much before beggining the next run. It’s not rocket science. 🙂


1) Back Squat 5×5@75%

2) Hang Clean from Mid Thigh 5×3@65-70%

3) Halting Clean Deadlift with 3 second descent 3×3@80-85%
This should look and feel identical to your clean pull but stop at the power position; feet flat, knees flexed, shoulders directly over the bar. The 3 sec descent with tight back.

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