A couple small schedule changes as many of you expected.
730AM will only be on Thursdays, and Noon has been added to Fridays.


1A) Back Squat 4×5@80%
Rest 60 seconds
1B) Partner Drags 4x 20m walking drag + 20m running drag (DEMO)
Rest 2 minutes

For the drag, use a black or purple band. Partner adds as much resistance as possible while still allowing the working partner to move. Across the gym walking, then back with the run like the demo video. 

2) “Helen” (Compare to beginning of the month)
3 Rounds for Time:
400M Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)
12 Pullups


Needs to be done before WOD

1) Three Rounds for Skill Work:
3-5 Muscle Ups
5-10 Meter Handstand Walk
If you don’t have muscle ups, work on the muscle up progression.

2) Hang Clean from Mid Thigh 5×3@70-75%

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