2 Sets
15-20 Anterior Tib Raise
12 Strict Hanging Knee Raise
10 Single Arm KB Swing + 10 Single Arm KB Thruster (e/side)
200m Run

Alphabet Soup – The goal over the 6 weeks of seeing this format is to gain confidence in your ability to pace no matter what order exercises show up in. You would work to be able to get all of your sets in similar times with a similar level of effort, getting better with each passing week.

4 Rounds for Time (Rx+ 5 Rounds) – 30 Minute Time Cap:
A. 15 DB Hang Power Clean (50/35)
B. 30 | 50 Double Under
C. 200m | 300m Run
D. 15 V-ups | GHD Sit-ups
E. 12 Alternating Single Arm Devil’s Press (6e/side)

**Rest 2 Minutes after completing each round

Set 1 – ABCDE
Set 2 – EDCBA
Set 3 – CDEAB
Set 4 – BAEDC
(Rx+) Set 5 – DBECA

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