Strict Press: 5×3 @ 90% of 3RM from last week


In teams of two or three, Rowing Pyramid (35 min cap):
2000M Row (split equally)
1000M Row (split equally)
500M Row (split equally)
1000M Row (split equally)
2000M Row (split equally)
Split each row equally. Strong rowers in teams of 2, beginners or those who want to on teams of 3. 


Strict Press first

Behind the Neck Jerk: 60/5, 65/5, 70/5, 75/4*4 sets

Back Squat: Every 2 minutes: 50/10, 60/8, 70/6, 80/5, 85/4, 80/5, 70/6, 60/8, 50/10
Yes, your legs hurt. It will be worth it.

4 sets of 5 Hollow Arch Kips on Rings with hips finishing at the rings
rest as needed
4 sets of 8 MU Transitions with feet on a box above your hips, rest as needed

EMOM x 6 min:
4-6 UB MU with Perfect technique, over focus on the hollow/arch swing and tight positions

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