You Have to Eat!

Over the past couple of days I’ve had a handful of athletes mention that they feel dizzy or a faint. My first question is always “when and what was the last thing you ate?” and their response is always the answer to why they are not feeling well. YOU HAVE TO EAT!

If it’s been more than 5-6 hours since your last meal (depending on that it was), your body is in a fasting mode (or state of ketosis). That basically means you’re out of fuel and running on empty. Not good for training.

If you eat dinner at 7PM and train at 530AM or 630AM, you are way past this 5-6 hour threshold and can kiss your performance and your gains goodbye. If you eat lunch at noon, and train at 6PM or 7PM, you’re also at risk, especially since you’ve been more active throughout the day than early birds.

Point is you need to eat! Even if it’s something small like a scoop of Fuel, a Fitpak, a Rx Bar, a banana and peanut butter, a boiled egg, etc. etc. just eat something before you train!


Four Rounds:
10 Candlestick Rolls (adv: pistol, inter: squat, beg: hollowout)
C2B PU or Ring MU: 2 strict + max -1 Kipping
5 broad jumps

12 min AMRAP:
6 Shoulder to Overhead (135/85 | R+ 155/105)
12 Abmat Situps
18 Double Unders


Jerk from rack: 8 sets of 2 working to heavy double
rest 2 min

Back Squat: every 60 sec: 60/1, 70/1, 75/1, 80/1, 85/1, 90/1, 95/1, 90/1, 85/2, 80/3, 75/4, 70/5, 60/6

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