CrossFit Wylie Club Championship

REGISTRATION ENDS TONIGHT! We will meet on two Friday nights in December (2nd and 16th), and have a great time celebrating our fitness! We have Rx, Masters, and Scaled Divisions. There are absolutely no excuses for not signing up! It will be a great experience for athletes at all levels, tons of fun, you’ll get an exclusive Club Championship shirt, door prizes, and more! Also, if you can’t make one of the nights it’s OK! Just like the Open and the past Club Championships, you will have a few days to complete the workouts and get your scores submitted.

Thanksgiving Schedule

Wednesday 23rd: 530AM / 630AM / 830AM / 400PM / 500PM
Thursday 24th: 9AM Community WOD (bring family and friends!)
Friday 25th: 9AM / 10AM
Saturday 26th: 9AM / 10AM

2016 Hoodie Pre-Order

img_4662These will be sold in pre-order only unless we just happen to have a few extra! The Hoodie is a lightweight material (almost as light as a t-shirt), and is the same brand and fit as the previous hoodies. They run tight in the shoulders, so if your size typically fits tight, you may want to bump up a size. We will make sure everyone gets the size they need when they come in. CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Hydrostatic Body Test

We are having the test t ruck out again Monday afternoon (28th). It’s available to everyone including non-members. You can sign-up here.


For Time:
10 Power Snatches (115/75 | R+ 135/95)
800M Run
15 Shoulder to Overhead
600M Run
20 Power Cleans
400M Run
25 Deadlifts
200M Run

Metcon target is 14-20 minutes. Scale remaining runs in half if 800 takes longer than 5 minutes.


Jerk Dip + Jerk w/ 3 sec. hold in split: 11 min. to find max for the day
THEN – at 80% of today’s max, 8 jerks AFAP from rack

BS: 5 sets to work to 5rm for the day
*rest no more than 3 min. b/n the start of each set

7 sets of 2 – Strict MU
*scale with feet on box while in hollow position

After conditioning: 100 Hollow rocks

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