I’m integrating some membership management software. It will make my job a little easier, but it will also make everything easier for you. You will have a login, be able to pay bills online, and we’ll also be able to charge drinks, shirts, etc. to your tab and pay for everything at once. I will need to sit down with each of you for a couple minutes at some point to setup your profile. Sorry about getting all sophisticated, but don’t worry… we’re not adding mirrors, TVs, or A/C anytime soon. (Also, if you get an email about an order or something that you’re not sure about, just let me know if you have questions. We are still working out the details.)


15min to practice Hi-Hang Snatch (full squat) DEMO

10min to establish a 3RM DB or KB Turkish Get-Up (each arm) DEMO

Tabata Burpees

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