We have one box of the best fish oil supplement on the market…

Fish oil is good for you. It goes for $23 a bottle (40 servings), which is cheaper than some of the crap products sold at everyone’s favorite store. If there is any demand for it I will order more. As of right now I have 10 bottles left. If you want one let us know.

We are having a Happy Hour get together at Boomer Jacks Friday night after the 5:30pm class. Everyone’s invited, try to wear your favorite CrossFit Wylie shirt. Speaking of shirts, still open for suggestions!

Mark your calendars, we are going to run in the Murphy Maize Days 5K on Sept. 29th.


15 minutes to establish 2RM Hi-Bar Back Squat

8 min to practice gymnastic kip (time to get that unassisted pullup…)
If you have kipping pullups: 3X5 strict weighted pullups – heavy as possible – rest 2min

5 rounds:
20 Double Unders
15 Taps
10 Flutter Kicks

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