BMI Test: Sept 17
Fall Challenge: Sept 19 – Nov 13
Kick-Off Meeting: Thur, Sept 17, 7:45PM  &  Sat, Sept 19, 11AM

Register for the BMI Test: CLICK HERE
Register for the Fall Whole Life Challenge: CLICK HERE
Early Registration Ends Aug 31, After that the price increases.

Who is it For?

Anyone that wants to improve their health and lifestyle. Non-members are welcome to join the online team as well, get your family and friends involved!

What is It and Does it Work?

The Whole Life Challenge is a 56-day, habit-changing, community-building game
that helps you live a happier, healthier life by playing for points with friends and family
to make small daily changes in nutrition, training, mobility, sleep, goal setting, perspective, and more. You will spend a minute or two each day logging your results for the previous day. There will be private, team, and global leaderboards. At the end of the 56 days, we will compare workout results, body measurements, and overall lifestyle and happiness. The goal is to make some small, but vital, improvements in the way you live, that will stay with you long after the challenge has ended!

Ask some of our members that have participated before if they liked it. Most of them have seen some great results in their health, physique, and lifestyle. After trying a variety of nutrition challenges and lifestyle challenges, this is the one we have stuck with for the past two years!

For a complete break down on the challenge, visit their page!

How Do I Participate?

Sign up (link above, make sure you join CrossFit Wylie’s Team), read the rules, and follow the instructions. The only thing we require is that you commit to completing the challenge, regardless of how well you are scoring! Prior to the challenge we will host a Q&A regarding nutrition and the rules of the challenge.

What’s with the (BMI) Hydrostatic Body Test?

Like past challenges, we will also be hosting a hydrostatic body test team, that will take a before measurement of your bodyfat percentage. The have a customized, air conditioned truck with their equipment on board. They come to CrossFit Wylie, making it very easy. It’s one of the quickest and most accurate ways to test your body mass index (body fat). They also come back at the end of the challenge so we can see the real results, in muscle gains and fat loss. A far superior indicator of progress than monitoring weight. It’s not required but is highly recommended, especially if you have never done it.

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