Coach Alex is back with another spotlight, but I wanted to say a few things about Tarah. She joined CrossFit Wylie in 2012, just months after we opened our doors. She is one of the most recognizable faces in the gym, largely because she is there all of the time! At least it can feel that way. She works extremely hard towards her goals and leads by example. Her work ethic and commitment are impressive, but what most people don’t know is how much she does outside of the gym (more on that below). We are very fortunate to have her at CrossFit Wylie, and extremely proud of everything she has accomplished over the past 6 years. We can’t wait to see what she does over the next 6! Keep it up, Tarah! – Coach Chris

Tarah grew up in Keller and moved to the Wylie area in 2007,  after graduating from Texas A&M University with a bachelors in Kinesiology. She started at CrossFit Wylie in 2012, and just recently earned her Masters Degree in education and administration. She has taught middle school and high school and coached high school soccer. This semester she moved into the Asst. Principal position!

Tarah met her husband Matt while playing on the same indoor soccer team. They have a four-year-old daughter named Lillian and still play soccer together on the same team. Watching Tarah make time for her family, job and fitness is inspiring to the members at CrossFit Wylie. She always finds a way to make it to the gym at either 5:30 in the morning or at 6:00 at night (or both) and always walks in with a smile on her face and ready to work.

Alex: How long have you been at CrossFit Wylie?
Tarah: I have been a member at CrossFit Wylie for six years and one month.

Alex: Why do you CrossFit?
Tarah: I always liked to be part of a group or a team and enjoyed the challenge of the movements.

Alex: Favorite CrossFit movement or lift?
Tarah: The snatch, because it was the most difficult lift for me to learn. When I first started CrossFit I was unable to overhead squat the bar. I took several weightlifting courses at the gym and spent a lot of time practicing the lift.

Alex: Least favorite CrossFit movement or lift?
Tarah: Pushups.

Alex: What is the thing that has surprised you the most since you started CrossFit?
Tarah: The stages of my fitness. There were times when I was going to the gym twice a day every day, and times when I would go to the gym once a month because my husband would threaten to cancel the membership if I didn’t go. There were times when I would try to motivate people to make it to the gym, and times when I needed people to help me stay consistent. What never changed was the community and their encouragement with you no matter how your performance is going.

Alex: What advice do you have for beginners? What do you wish you would have known when you started?
Tarah: Just show up and focus on learning one movement at a time. It may get frustrating at first but know that the coaches are always there to help you. I have made the most improvements in the gym when I started to eat cleaner. Nutrition is key, you can’t work out the way you should if you’re not fueling your body with the right foods.

Alex: Can you tell me an interesting fact about yourself?
Tarah: I used to be a bus driver in college while attending the same college. During spring break one year I went to South Padre Island. I remember being on the beach and somebody would scream “hey that’s my bus driver!”

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