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WOD Primer 2 Rounds 10 Scap Pullups 10 Hollow Arch Swings w/ Ball* 10 Alt 90/90 BU KB Reverse Lunge *Dodgeball between feet Strength Press: 60/8, 70/6, 75/4×3 sets Conditioning “11.6” AMRAP in 7 Minutes: 3-6-9-12-etc. Thrusters (100/65) C2B Pullups


WOD Primer 2 Rounds 12 Banded Face Pulls + Y-Press 20s Side Plank 10 Scap Pushups Strength Warmup with light weight then Bench Press: 3 heavy sets of 10 then Ring Rows: 3 hard sets of 10 Conditioning In Teams for 2, 3 Rounds for Time: 700M Row 34 Pullups 300M DBall Carry* (80/50) 44 […]


HALLOWEEN No 6PM or 7PM WOD Mobility Lat Stretch LX Ball T-Spine Mob Calf Smash Primer 2 Rounds 5ea/side SL KB Hand Off https://bit.ly/34gKCVE 8ea/side KB Cross Chops https://bit.ly/2q5eghF 100ft Farmer’s Carry Conditioning EMOM for 4 Rounds (16 min): 5 T&G Power Cleans (60-70%) 40 sec Max Cal on Bike 30 Double Unders 2 e/arm […]


WOD Primer 2 Rounds 10 Hollow Band Pulldown https://youtu.be/h_4O5ZqynhA 10 Banded Wall Slides* https://bit.ly/2kNbT0S 20s BB Front Squat Hold (Bottom Pos)** *Hip circles around the wrist **Focus on staying tight in midline and keeping elbows up Skill/Strength 3 attempts to establish Max UB Toes-to-Bar Conditioning 8 Rounds for Time: 6 Thrusters (95/65 | 115/80) 6 […]


WOD Primer 2 Rounds 10ea/side Glute/Adductor Bridge https://bit.ly/2McE2JC 6 Alternating Jumping Lunges 20s Ring Row Holds* *Rings as low as possible, while maintaining a tight midline / no shrugging or rounding of back Strength Back Squat: warmup, then 3 set of 10 w/ 45 sec rest between sets *if you completed all 3 sets last […]


WOD Primer 3 Rounds 5ea/dir Seal Rolls 5 Aipa Rows 6 Seated Box Jumps Conditioning October Benchmark Re-Test AMRAP in 12 Minutes: 3-6-9-12-etc Toes to Bar Hang Power Clean (95/65) *Run 100M after each round