Are you willing to do the hard things or do you take shortcuts and avoid discomfort? Do you do what you should or do what’s easy? Are you as fit as you should be? Are your relationships as strong as they should be?

Taking the easy way out allows you to flow through life unnoticed and unfulfilled. I’m definitely guilty of taking the easy way out on occasion. Avoiding the work it would take to be a better person, athlete, husband, disciple…

I ask all of you to join me in my new goal: do the hard things. This means consciously and deliberately doing the right thing, the right way. Never taking shortcuts or the easy way out. Let’s do the hard things.

Turn the devices off and play with your kids.
Look up a recipe and cook a healthy meal instead of ordering out.
Start a new diet or meal plan and don’t cheat.
Choose the gym over the couch, every time.
Call your Mom more often.
Make your bed in the morning.
Call your friend and have a conversation instead of texting them.
Put your shopping cart away.
Do what it takes to be on time.
Be more accepting of people different than you.
Put your neighbors’ trash cans away.
Travel to a new place.
Pick up that piece of trash you see in the parking lot.
Let that lady at the intersection go in front of you.
Stretch more.
Do the extra rep when your toes don’t hit the bar.
Get up 10 minutes earlier, so you’re not so rushed.
Extend a hand to those who have hurt you,  and those you have hurt.
Read a good non-fiction book.
and so on…

The ‘hard things’ in life can be whatever you think they are. All of these things make a small difference, and over time, add up with the potential of changing your life. Do the hard things and you will be a healthier, happier, more fulfilled individual.

Do the hard things and you will reap the benefits, but more importantly, you will have a positive impact on those around you. But know you can not affect real change in those around you until you are satisfied with who you are and your diligence to be better every day.

“Work as hard as you possibly can on at least one thing and see what happens.”
– Jordan Peterson


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