FullSizeRender 2We got Jourdan’s shirts in! Jourdan designed these shirts on her own! Thanks to Boxes4U (Robert) and Total Ad Graphics (Darrell) donating the shirts, all of the money from these shirts will go to Jourdan’s 2015 travel fund! The shirts are $20, and please pay with Cash or Check only so it’s easy to put the money in her account. Thanks everyone!

Congratulations to Rated Rx’d on your 2015 Open Intramural Team Championship! All the final leaderboards and info can be found on the Open Page.Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.12.47 AM

Summer is Coming! We still have some of the Tank Tops in stock!

All the CrossFit Kids info is available on the CrossFit Kids page. Please direct registrations and questions to crossfitwylie.jill@gmail.com 


4 to 6 sets alternating:
A) 40 Yard Unbroken Prowler Push Heaviest Possible
B) 40 Yard Unbroken Farmer Carry Heaviest Possible
Sled on concrete out back. Rest as Needed. Enjoy.

In teams of two, 6 rounds for time:
Partner A Rows 30/25 Calories, while
Partner B Completes 10 Burpees, then rotate.

Each partner Rows and Burpees 6 times.

Snatch: Every 90 sec: 2 reps @ 70% x 5 sets

Snatch Pull: 100/2*3 sets

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