2 Sets:
10 e/dir Plank Stir-the-Pot on Mball
10 e/side Banded Side Steps

Front Squats – 5 sets of 5 unlocked, build to heavy set
*unlocked: no stopping at top or bottom for all 5 reps

For Time:
10 DBall Cleans (80/50)
100M Bike
8 DBall Cleans (80/50)
200M Bike
6 DBall Cleans (80/50)
300M Bike
4 DBall Cleans (80/50)
400M Bike
2 DBall Cleans (80/50)
500M Bike

Strength – Before
Deadlift: 6 sets, Build to heavy but perfect set of 5 w/ 5 sec rest between reps

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