Overhead Squat: in 12 min,  build to heavy set of 3
… keep these smooth

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
50 Double Unders
8 C2B Pullups | R+ 4 Ring MU
100M OH DB Carry | R+ 30ft HS Walk

Adjust DB weight as needed, keep arms straight! 25/15 is good starting point.


DB Strict Press: 5 sets building to 5RM
*don’t let back overarch into inclined position

3 sets on bar:
5 sec. arch hold + 5 sec. hollow hold + 10 hollow/arch kips

10 min EMOM:
E- 6 scapula pullups + 10 sec. hold at top on last rep
O- 4 Strict hollow pullups to butterfly pull through

30 jefferson curls with empty bar

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