Bike 2 Minutes*

Pigeon Stretch
Frog Stretch
Kneeling Stretch

Dynamic Warm-Up

*Place Bikes/Rower along the front side of the room for warm-up and Metcon

8e/side Hip Airplane
30sec BB Deep Squat Hold
6 Tempo Squats (3sec descent, 1sec pause, AFAP)

Back Squat:
6 sets of 6
Warm-up to 60%, then EMOM 6 reps for 6 Rounds (6 minutes).

*Reps should be smooth and fairly T&G.
Lower the weight if needed, but do not go above 60%.

4 Rounds for Time (20min Time Cap):
20/16cal Bike
20′ (L) Single Arm KB OH Walking Lunge (53/35)
12 T2B* | 4 MU
20′ (R) Single Arm KB OH Walking Lunge

*Should be a variation you can go unbroken, when fresh
24/20cal if subbing in Row

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